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5 Ways to Wear our Free Spirit Tops

We have been so excited to share with you our new collection, the Free Spirit Summer Collection. It has been amazing connecting with new creatives and discovering new items that we love so much and bringing them to you. Putting the collection together, we were thinking of Summer 2021 as the Summer of freedom - where we can maybe all be together again and truly run wild and free. 

The collection had that in mind, exploring ourselves and feeling open and free to do so. It is made up of handmade items, that are lightweight and breezy to keep you comfortable, cool and feeling yourself to the fullest. This includes our Reversible Silk Wrap Tops. 

We found these beauties from someone who we now consider a good friend. They are handmade in India, and are produced with beautiful silk featuring bright colours and amazing patterns. The best thing about them... they are completely adjustable! You can style these tops however you like, making them fit to your character and mood of the day. 

Here we offer a few suggestions on how to wear these beauties but feel free to explore for yourself too!

1. The Basic Wrap
To start of with we will keep it simple. The general use of these tops is the basic wrap around, where you just tie it simple at the back and it functions as a cute crop top. For added jazz, turn over the fabric slightly to show the other side of the tops to bring a little contrast. 
2. Over and Under
A simple but effective use, is to bring the ends of the top over one another and tie it at the back from there. It gives a slight bikini feel to the top and also exposes the contrasting material very naturally underneath. 
3. Single Twist
Twisting the ends around each other, just once, keeps the top looking a little fuller while still having a nice shape. Tying it tightly at the back even gives a little support for your chest!
4. Triple Twist
If one twist is just not enough for you, try twisting the ends a few times round, bringing the top further down your body and opening up for a bit more skin. It is an interesting one and creates almost a whole new top!
5. Full Bow
Now for our favourite. Simple but beautiful - the full bow top! It brings the top together in such an amazing way, with splashes of contrast and a cute open shape!
We hope you enjoyed browsing through these different ways to wear our new tops! We love them a lot and can't wait to see what you all think of them too!
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