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Welcome to our world. Here regrets don't exist, individuality is admired and confidence is encouraged.

We believe that all of us are on our own personal journey through life. A unique path paved just for us. Our collections are specially created and sourced for this journey. We have put together these collections for those of you that want to explore every depth of yourself and the world around you.

The Collections

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.

Eva Foam
The Vintage Collection

Exclusively curated pieces holding a piece of past lives lived, whilst being ready to take on some new adventures with you.

Non slip surface
The Accessory Collections

Inspired by our experiences on the way; the clashing of cultures, the way others dream and the styles that captured our hearts.

The Handmade Collections

Collections developed with local and international creatives, to bring together beautiful minds to create unique items.

Our Story

The story began with a vision from co-founder, Tina, who was inspired by the cultures and lives that she encountered on her travels. With the help of her brother, Jeffrey, she carved out a path for herself where she could share her findings with the world. 

As the vision blossomed, Rachel stepped in to help refine the look and feel of the brand with the goal of highlighting the message. Together we developed the brand by bringing all our skills together and created a place we could call home.