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5 Ways to Wear our Free Spirit Wrap Skirts

We have been so excited to share with you our new collection, the Free Spirit Summer Collection. It has been amazing connecting with new creatives and discovering new items that we love so much and bringing them to you. Putting the collection together, we were thinking of Summer 2021 as the Summer of freedom - where we can maybe all be together again and truly run wild and free. 

The collection had that in mind, exploring ourselves and feeling open and free to do so. It is made up of handmade items, that are lightweight and breezy to keep you comfortable, cool and feeling yourself to the fullest. This includes our Reversible Silk Wrap Skirts. 

These amazing skirts were handmade in India, using recycled sari silk that is layered in a way that makes the skirt very full and gives you lots of options with how to wear it. The two materials always contrast really well, and give you the ability to turn your skirt into a whole new one with a completely different material design.
There are so many ways to wear these skirts - even as no skirt at all - so here we wanted to lay out a few inspiration ideas for these beauties!
1. The Wrap Skirt
Simple and effective, and technically what the piece was made for... The layers of the skirt make it full and flowing, in beautiful shapes from your waist to your ankles. The contrasting material peaks out from underneath and can also be worn in reverse, so you have even a totally new skirt to choose from. 
2. The One Shoulder Dress
An unexpected styling idea for this amazing skirt. Flipping one side over the shoulder and tying the belt round the waist, you can achieve a one shoulder wonder gown - complete with a cinched waist and still flaunting the contrasting layers underneath. 
3. Sleeveless Midi Dress
Bringing the skirt over your chest and then wrapping it around to tie at the waist creates this sweet strapless dress look. It is a great cool look for Summer and simply just look adorable. 
4. Halterneck Dress
By layering and flipping the ends of the dress over your shoulders, you can create this awesome halterneck look. Add a belt for a fitted shape of hang it loose for a comfy beach look. Even from the back it looks super sweet with a big full bow draped down your back!
5. Leg Slit Skirt
If the full skirt look is just not your thing, go for this relaxed side slit skirt. Bunch the sides of the skirt up and tie them into a bow for this look that just falls in a beautiful way. It is perfect for the beach!
We hoped you enjoyed our ideas on how to wear these stunning skirts. If you would like to shop the whole collection click here.

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