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Handpicking Our Vintage Story

Handpicking vintage treasures is one of my favourite activities. I love spending all day at any random store or big warehouse, having a chat with the people while in the meantime letting the eyes just take in everything! Every little pattern, every magical colour and every special material that is all around. 

All the clothes that we find are in a way special to me - I can tell you that much. There is a world existing within the clothes. Like; Where does it come from? Which decade was this made in? Who is the designer? What was it inspired by.. etc etc. And that isn’t even mentioning how I can be drifted away by the colours, shapes and material... They definitely take me away and let me dream on for a bit. 

Crazy enough, I find peace of mind in the most chaotic places. With just big piles of clothes, clothes and more clothes. Most of the pieces have already been given up on... They are places where others would likely walk out straight away. “No, I don’t see anything interesting!” But these are places where I am caught up in the most.. There’s something about them. Finding a good piece in the most unexpected or undervalued places is like finding gold. Is it not that magic always lies where you least expect it?

I’ve been collecting magical pieces home from just about everywhere, all over the world. From tiny thrift shops in New Zealand, flea markets in Australia. From the Silver Streets of Thailand to materials from Mexico and jewelry out of Colombia. As a traveller with only limited space in my backpack, you can imagine I could only take the most special treasures that I really couldn’t leave behind home with me, hahaha. Now I am living here in Amsterdam, on the 6th floor in a tiny studio filled with special treasures from all over the world! And I adore it.  

Sourcing materials or pieces we can work with, having the vision of how it could be worn and how it could be styled is probably the most fun and satisfying thing to do. All our special treasures are definitely sourced and handpicked with a lot of love and care. It’s like falling in love each time again. And we can’t be happier to share our love with you!

Peace and Love, Merel the Gemini xo

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