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Spring Time is Coming

Spring is coming and I think we all can feel it; The sunbeams waking us up in the morning, the birds softly chirping,.. the smell of the flowers beginning to grow.. and a fresh wind that isn’t cold as ice anymore..

As i wander through the park to do my morning coffee and meet up with my friend, while were having a lovely chat, my eyes are capturing everything! Love is flowing... Every little thing around starts to blossom again, including me. The natural energy flowing through the body, the light feeling on the feet whenever i don’t have to wear a thousand layers anymore. And the happiness by realising I need to get my sunglasses out to protect my eyes from the light.

Hopefully soon i also don’t have to wear my leggings under my skirt anymore. And feel the soft wind over my legs. It feels light. The nights are slowly getting longer, I don’t mind to bike anywhere anymore and we can meet up with beloved ones in the park again! This process is so magical! And all the colours and shapes are so inspiring. I can’t wait to wear or show you Lovers all our summer dresses, floral skirts and crazy coloured shirts!

I need to hurry now, cause my friend just called me to say..; “BBQ season is open!”

Thank you mother nature! Your presence is the biggest gift of all!

Peace and love,

Tina the Gemini

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