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Summer Collection Book

A poetic tale of swirling shapes and floating fabrics. An adventure of freedom and discovery, only to be told by the wearer. This collection is to be admired as a story of identity, worn by the wild few who are part of a world with no boundaries. It is a translation of dreams into reality. A clashing of cultures and experiences. Take this as encouragement to keep exploring every depth of your unrestrained self and the world in which it co-exists.

The pieces within The Summer Fling Collection, each tell their own story; through culture, design and development. Each item is a product of Merel’s fantasies and visions, passing on her free-spirit to those with an open mindset. Inspiration is drawn through everything from Arabic cultures to everyday nature. The goal is to embolden movement and create fresh bodily shapes, drawing the eye to exaggerated flares and embellishments that shimmer in the sun.

As a world-oriented company, sustainability is a primary factor in the creation of our garments. The collection is predominantly made up of recycled or left-over materials. Not only does this reduce our carbon footprint, but it also adds to the story of each individual item. Each design is entirely unique, so the wearer receives a one-of-a-kind piece to start their own story.
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